I’m out of the closet as a music producer

It took a while, but I finally took the big step and made a couple of my tracks public on SoundCloud. I’ve had the interest in and desire to make my own music for a long time, but I finally got around to it when I bought my first MIDI controller keyboard a couple of months ago. It came with Ableton Live Lite, and that’s where I started.

Next step was an excellent course on the always excellent Coursera that led me to produce my first two (well, actually three) tracks. They are both made for assignments in that course.

Both tracks are a bit rough around the edges, but they were submitted in time for a deadline. I’ll finish them later, I swear.

The same Coursera course also led me to the excellent music collaboration platform blend.io¬†which is where I share my work. Right now I’m working a new project called “NewProject”. All my work is shared there under a creative commons non-commercial license. Information wants to be free, man …

I’ve since replaced my cheap 61 key MIDI controller with a much better quality 25 key MIDI controller from Akai – the MPK225, as well as gotten my hands on an audio interface and a decent recording microphone. Next step is getting the Novation Launchpad Pro when it’s released – any day now! Oh, and I got a license for Ableton Live too, taking advantage of the weak Euro. That software is amazing!

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