About Martin Pagh Ludvigsen and this blog

Martin Pagh Ludvigsen wearing his AC DC T-shirt and his daughter Europa
Martin and Europa
Hi there

My name is Martin Pagh Ludvigsen. I’m a Dane living in Los Angeles with my wife Helena. I’m a Creative Technology Director at BBH in West Hollywood, California more specifically in the ZAG innovation unit of BBH Los Angeles. I’m also the guy seen to the right wearing my AC DC T-shirt and my daughter Europa.

I used to think I was going to sing and act for a living, but fortunately reality caught up with me at an early age, at which point I decided to get a proper education. I eventually managed to get a BA in Theatre and Rhetorics from The University of Copenhagen followed by a M.Sc. in Information Technology from the IT University of Copenhagen. A rather unusual combination, but it does make me unique in this industry.

I have me one of those fancy where I pride myself of having 100% profile completeness (gamification for the win), I rant occasionally as @martinpagh on Twitter and those of you who know me personally can find me on Facebook. And then there is my website, but you already know about it, since you’re here. But here it is for Google: .

This blog is used to vent the occasional thought on life, technology, music and the things I come across that I feel are worth writing more than 140 characters about.

Feel free to comment on whatever you like. I might even respond.